Rogers Oil & Gas is committed to providing investors and shareholders with superior returns through responsible acquisitions, innovative partnerships, financial strength, and successful oil and gas development programs. Rogers Oil & Gas is excited to be involved in several new Williston Basin plays. Our drilling has been focused in the Alida zone in our world class projects at Wordsworth, West Wildwood, and West Queensdale. Our industry partners have over 30 years of experience in the Williston Basin and we are confident that our joint participation in these projects will bring value to our shareholders.

Projects in the Pipeline

Proposed capital expenditures over the next 18-36 months will support projects in the Williston Basin play. In keeping with our risk-mitigation strategy, our partnership includes a combination of production acquisitions and the drilling of new development and exploratory wells. New horizontal development wells are proposed in areas with existing pools to maximize the return from these reservoirs and to determine the size of the pools. Sites for select vertical wells have also been identified to explore new drilling locations identified from extensive seismic data analysis.